January 15th was the day the Peruvian health care system reported the highest number of hospitalization since the beginning of the pandemic, just a day after our efficient health minister suggested that we “may be” approaching a second wave. What do you call it when your healthcare system shows signs…

“Pseudoscience is attractive because it promises certainty, whereas science gives us probability and doubt.”

- Dr. Carol Tavris

So as the new wave of cases washes upon us in this viral pandemic, irrational behavior continues to set up the perfect storm for the progressive decimation of our poorly developed healthcare…

Perspective from a Peruvian doctor.

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

As with many other fellow humans, goals were completely disrupted once the viral pandemic found a safe space within our healthcare system. I remember my first instinct was thinking and learning about how different scenarios played out in other pandemics in the recent past. …

Fernando Mazulis

Physician and researcher currently focusing on infectious diseases.

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